The movement of time…

blogg-april14The movement of time and the stand still of NOW

You often see time as a flood that flows from you. But if the truth to be told, you are standing still in the NOW all the time. Time is a sum of presents. It is more like a circle drawn on other circles. So you are always in the middle of the NOW. You focus in other hand is most of the time is on circles you have experienced or will be experiencing in the future. This behaviour has to do with control of your life and it is a self-deception. Because you have less control when you are focusing on the past or the future than if you would be focusing on the present.

It is like a football payer who during the match is thinking about previous matches and coming goals but not what he supposes to do on the field – playing football.

“Alfa and Omega –Omega and Alfa.
The created man stands between the beginning and the end
while the creating man stands between the end and beginning.
Between the beginning and end is time
– between the end and beginning is timelessness.“

This is because between the end and the beginning is the NOW, where you have total control and that is very frightening. So you are all hiding away in the past and in the future.

To be in the now is to take your full responsibility for what you are thinking, doing and creating. People who are hooked on to extreme sports love it, because the extreme situation challenges them to stay in the present, in the NOW. If they leave it they may fall down and die. We do not suggest that you should take up mountain climbing but to be aware of when you are travelling down “memory lane” or future daydreaming. Many of you are visualizing your future, which was surly working in the past but the NOW is demanding more hands on creation skills.

So how to stay in the NOW?
One skill is to move your focus forward but not to the distant future of eternity, years or months. Of course if you are planning a holyday you have to make plans months ahead but for that sake you are not dwelling in the future, you make the necessary decisions and act accordingly, buy your ticket book your hotel, but do not dwell on what would happen when I get there or if it is a god hotel or right flight. If it is not you change it when you are there.

So you move your focus a couple minutes or hours ahead and back to the now. So you always know what is happening around you but you are not stuck on any circle of time. It is like driving a car you look ahead and behind but you not staring on the road in front of you only.

This also allows magic to happen, because you are not holding on to expected images or outcomes but you are aware of what is going on around you. You are often expecting certain outcome of situations, for the last meeting you were on was dull, so this will also be. It is in horrible place so there I cannot feel anything good. So your presumption forces the reality of the now into a place of your expectation. The place become horrible the meeting dull and you do not get what you really want.  So clean your mind of assumptions an expect miracles.