The importace of the heart

blogg-april15The heart is important more than ever. When big things are happening it is easier to be kind and focus on the heart. Meanwhile it is difficult to hold that energy in the long run, but that is your work now.

The Earth is moving into a bombardment of cosmic energy field, an energy field of light from the highest source. This is challenging for you in different ways; one you are confronted with energies from people who are not willing to resonate with the new energies of Earth and with the path humanity has chosen. The other is your own physical and mental evolution. The energies help your physical and mental environment to update itself for a lighter and more multidimensional reality. This is stressful for you on all levels. It is stressful to engage in society, doing your daily chores meanwhile your body needs more rest and your mind and soul is reacting to the energies, to the other realities you are not fully aware of just yet.

That is why it is god if you are kind you yourself and to others, to all humanity even to those who are definitely not following the path of the heart. We do not mean that you invite everyone for coffee and cookies, and give a hug to IS members. But do not allow media manipulating you to send them rage and hateful thoughts. It is important to make a differentiation between a person and his/her actions. The actions may be horrendous but if you are bombarding the person with negativity you are creating a channel between yourself and the person. We want to point out in this battle everyone is giving them ground, if they are engaging in the thought forms of we and them, black against white, good and bad. The right approach is: to hold your integrity, your belief in the higher good, in humanity. Hatred does not take you anywhere just to the battlefield between good and bad. And as soon you are there you must engage in the battle and get entangled in karma.

We say to you that this battle has already been wan by the good guys. Earth and the humanity of the planet has chosen and they have chosen evolving beyond isms, dogma, hatred and we and them thinking. The soldiers of the past on both sides of the battle have not realized this yet and want to trick many of you into the old dramas. The media is used to see the world as the battle of good and bad, so they are reporting and become the tools in the manipulation. So hold your grounds your values of the higher good, the love of this planet, you call home. Hold your light with integrity, like a beckon, like a lighthouse so others who are lost find refuge and safe haven in your calm waters.