The essence of creation …

illustration-magis-vita febr14“Lyssna till ditt hjärta. Det finns ingenting som är okänt för ditt hjärta, eftersom det härrör från världssjälen …”
från Alkemisten av Paulo Coelo

The essence of creation is joy. The creator or you experience itself in creation. You cannot create anything, not even crazy life denying things, without joy. So joy is the key to everything, in this everything is divine. So everything, which is created, has the spark of the divine the spark of joy.

You cannot create abundance of work, money, and creative projects or anything without joy. Not even you as, human beings could not have been created without joy. In this case you also are divine and everything you are creating is divine.

To create from joy you just have to reach inside of yourself to the divine spark you have inside of you. Inside of your heart and it is the essence of divinity it is the essence of joy.
You cannot do joyful things without heart activation. That is why fear kills joy because the heart cannot be activated when you feel fear. The heart does not open and you cannot reach the centre of your essence the divine centre, the spark of life, the joy of creation you all bear inside of you.

That is why you cannot create with fear in your mind. Fear has no energy or it has a non-vibrational essence. It holds no power just unbending non-vibration.
You must let fear go before creating anything.

Now is the time for rest

illustration blogg magis dec13When the road is rocky it is good to hold onto to the steering wheel. In other words be present, be connected and stay grounded. This is always advisable but now is even more so.

Midwinter and Christmas are at the end of your calendar year and also the astronomical year. Every ending is a god place to look at what you do, what you have done and revise it, not in a sense to what did I do wrongly, but in a sense where am I not happy. Where can I change my life to contain more joy, more life, more of me, more of happiness?

In winter the world rests and contemplate. You should do the same, to feel what is missing or just feel the joy of living is what is necessary. Now the trees stretch out their roots and feel the Earth, feel which branch or root has no life in it, so they can let them go without sadness but celebrating life and dreaming of the coming year, of the blossom of spring and the fruits of summer and fall. So stretch out your roots deep down to the Earth and let her tell you which aspect of your life you are not comfortable in and how you could let go of thing you are not happy with, how to change. So your spring and summer bring most of joy and happiness.

In the coming months your presence is needed in you life more than before, for the time of rest is over. Some aspects of your life went fast and other slowly so you were resting in those slow aspects. Now everything will be going fast or faster. So use this time of the year to rest and contemplate for later it will not be time for such and you will need all your driving skills to stay on the road. But now is the time for rest before fun begins.

New start, new beginnings, new goals

Expansion illustrationWhen the fall comes and new energy is beginning.
Now it is required that you open yourself for the new and allow trust be the guiding energy when you feel the stress in your life. Ground yourself to the new, to the reality of expansion. For the new reality can be described as the Reality of Expansion.
In the coming months and years you all will be working with the energy of Expansion.
When you feel the lack of enthusiasm or powerlessness it means you are connected to the old dying world and not to the new expanding universe. If you open your heart and connect with Earth, with a crystalline energy of her core, you redefine all you are, have been, do or participate in.

Everything, which is meant to live, blossom and bear fruit has to be connected to and in harmony with this energy or it will wither. Connect to this place through joy, through the spark of purpose you have in your heart.

Value your experience

blommande rododendronIdeas and beliefs hindering you to create the life you want to live. These ideas are mostly about self worth and your self-importance. You as humans usually either value yourself to big but mostly you value yourself very low. If you are valuing yourself to low the universe is going to give that experience to you. To value yourself high does not mean that you value others low. Self-worth has nothing to do how much others are valued. Your value is unique, for you are unique and you bring your unique experience to the Source which experiences life through you.

We suggest instead your own value you should value your experience. What value, what spark of spirit, what experience is there of suffering and lack of joy for the source to experience? Do you making the experience of life bigger by lack of joy or less? You know the answer to these questions. So value which experience create most spark of joy and light. Then you will be on the right track.

You are all master creators and you are capable to create whatever you want to, but it must be true to you, it must make you grow and develop, as a human and a soul. And souls only grow out of joy and happiness not of gloom, poverty of mind, spirit or money. So make it easy, what is your hearts desire? Your soul signed up for the job to FULLY ENJOY LIFE. So be the big creator spirit you came here to be, and enjoy life.

Let Joy guide your life!

To follow you joy is essential. Open yourself to life and joy will fill you, fill everything you touch every aspect of your life. The opposite of joy and life is not sorrow but fear. Fear does not hold vibration that is why it is deadly. Without vibration there is no life and it is impossible to feel joy when fear is present.

To allowing joy into your life requires that you let go of some control. That you allow your higher self to create in your life with the trust that it will create the best for you. Allow the magical to happen without controlling every second and thought.

Most of the aspects of your life are still going to be in your hand. Allowing your higher self to take command is like to listening to a constant GPS, which guide you to joy. Joy is the best description of leaving the steering wheel to your higher self. As soon you feel fear, mistrust, you cannot feel joy. You are navigating on the ocean of free will with a GPS, which shows you how to find joy. If you use fear as your GPS your ocean of free will and possibilities will turn into an ocean of hopelessness. So let joy guide your life. Be the magical joyous being that you are.

Magic in our lives

To live a magical life is a matter of choice. Magic is all around you
but you must allow magic to enter your life. Magic is a portal to
world of dreams, where everything is present and possible. In this
magical world, your intention comes alive and changes your every
day reality. In a highly magical place it is easy to connect to the
world of magic.

Glastonbury is such a magical place. This trip will enforce your
life’s with a power and a connection to your magical self’s. So
you will be able to more freely create what you want and see the
magic around you in your everyday reality.

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