Opening your galactic heart

blogg-juli15Compassion with integrity is a rare commodity in your world. You all think you have it but because you rarely have integrity your compassion is mixed with pity and self-denial. The combination of this and that many people believe they are victims are a bad combination and hindering you and others to grow and take responsibility for their own actions and choices.

On the personal level leaves you drained of energy because you feel you owe people or society engagement, energy, attention and time. While in fact you do not owe anyone anything. This feeling of owing hinders you to open your heart and give without expectations or you yourself expecting people to give you. This is a vicious circle, which needs to be broken. In the beginning your surrounding will maybe think of you as a heartless person because your reactions will be different than before. But they will experience the ease when you give without expectation and the ease around you, which allows them to make their own decisions without considerations to anyone and taking responsibility for their own destiny. You will also receive tremendous amount of energy, which today is bound in your feelings of owning something to someone or expecting something from someone.

Your world on the planetary level needs this energy, this thinking. So the work you do on the personal level will also influence the global environment and will hinder people to go down on the slope of giving up their power instead of taking their own life in their hands and creating a better and more prosperous future.

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