May you walk in beauty

We ask you what is your heart desire? Until now, you have been creating, but the pace was slow or rather confortable. From now on it will be fast and active. You need to put focus on what you want and it is an uttermost importance, that you put focus on the positive and joy-based outcome.

Until now we would say not fear-based, now we emphasize JOY-BASED. Joy will be the key word for the next ten years with the start of now. Joy brings light, light brings power, and power brings happiness and beauty. And you want to walk in beauty, don’t you?
If you fill yourself with light and joy, it will spill over to everyone around you. So every time you experiencing hardship, you just open yourself for light, life, and joy and everything will take care of itself.
This is service, the most important service you can do for humanity and the Planet.