A New Beginning

blogg-febr15-alfa-omegaDark Moon – New Moon
New moon, new time, new hopes; this is true with every new beginning. You can evaluate your life your activities and start a new. This is true of every second, but certain moment is better than others.

The new moon (dark moon) is a perfect time to look at your life, at your activities and connect them to a higher platform. Most of you usually decide when the year is turning, that from now on you will live a different life, and as most New Year resolutions vanish in to the thin air as February and March approaches. We are suggesting, instead of making a total new life, connect your present life situation to higher energies, to a higher truth. You can use different technics to do this, Soul Body Fusion (från Jonnete Crowley) is one or the energies of healing, but the simplest technic is to sit down in a quiet meditation.
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Den 19 februari kommer vi ha en meditationskväll “Under the DarkMoon”.
Då utforskar vi Dark Moon energier och och den feminina kraften.

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